Quality assurance and
quality management

With our specialist staff, we cover the needs
of our clients in all areas of industry.

Measurement technology
High-precision optical and tactile measurement technology services can be found from one source in our measurement laboratories.
Measurement technology
Support in system, process and product audits in accordance with VDA 6.3, certification preparation, supplier management – FMEA, Six Sigma and CIP training.
Quality assurance and quality management
Quality gates, surface assessment, testing, sorting, refinishing, ESD testing, task force deployment and emergency management, and much more.
Quality assurance and quality management

Machine expertise

Slide Messbereich X 900 Y 2000 Z 800 Taster-Wechselsystem mit 6 Ablagen Drehschwenkkopf Renishaw PH10 MQ mit Sensor SP25M ideal fürs taktile Scanning und Einzelpunktaufnahme zud. TTP Adapter Modul für die Verwendung von TP20 Modulen ausgestattet mit Temperaturkompensation Software PCDMIS CAD++ 2016, CAD Import IFES, STEP und
weitere Standardaustauschformate
DEA global performance
Slide Messbereich X 900 Y 1800 Z 650 Tasterwechselsystem mit 10 Ablagen Sensor: VAST Gold – ideal
fürs taktile Scanning und Einzelpunktaufnahme mit langen,
asymmetrischen Taster-Kombinationen, max. Länge 800 mm
Scanning-Messrate bis zu 200 Punkte / Sek, Messkraft variabel
zw. 50 und 1000 mN
Längenmessabweichung 0,9 μ + L / 350 (L in mm) Wiederholspanne 0,8 μ mit High Temperatur Gradient Software Calypso 2014 PRISMO NAVIGATOR 7
Slide Messbereich X 700 Y 1000 Z 600 Motorische Dreh-/Schwenkkopf Renishaw PH10MQME Plus ideal fürs taktile Scanning und Einzelpunktaufnahme SP25M Hochleistungs-Scanning-Messkopf-Satz maximales Gewicht pro werkstück 1000kg bis zu 8mm/s Messgeschwindigkeit Taster Wechelssystem mit 6 Ablagen ausgestattet mit Temperaturkompensation Software MCosmos 4.1 Formtester MarForm MMQ 44

An overview of our services

With our services in the fields of quality assurance, service
engineering and logistics, we support our clients and ensure smooth processes and sequences in all
production phases worldwide.

Informal corporate climate with future prospects

We, JAHNinterprof GmbH, see ourselves as a team. We believe: It is not the production factors that form the creative power of productivity, but the PEOPLE alone. They are the driving force behind our company. Therefore, we actively create an informal corporate climate, offer our employees future prospects and acknowledge their commitment with fair pay. With our services, we strive for quality.